A Southern Exposure

A collection of photos printed to celebrate three years living in Montgomery, Alabama. A self published print run of 50 for friends and family of IFOP.

I explore spanish moss & fried chicken & bible belts & football mania & tornado sirens & lizards & cotton picking & armadillos & civil rights history & fire ants & derelict buildings left to decay & steaming bowls of grits & guns, lots of them & suffocating summer heat!




The last billion years

Photographic contributor for the Atlantic Geoscience Society.  The Last Billion Years was the first contemporary book written for the general reader on the geological history of the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island). It is beautifully illustrated in full colour with paintings, photographs, and detailed diagrams and sketches. 

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four billion years and counting

Photographic contributor for the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences. Four Billion Years and Counting tracks Canada's geological history through rocks, fossils, and landscapes and how they evolved over four billion years. In addition to geological history, it discusses resources and social issues related to geology, such as water resources, sea level change, climate change, and natural hazards.